Ranking web’s health education content

We rank content using information gleaned from social media and give you a simple API to source top content for your digital assets.



The wellness portal user experience can be personalized by delivering individualized content based on triggers/values that are parameter driven from results of the user’s last health assessment survey. These could be medical conditions that the user already has or has a risk for developing in the near future. Users with no medical conditions can be engaged with content from health topics such as healthy living, healthy eating, fitness etc.

Leverage patient portals to achieve your patient education goals

Research has shown that patients educated about their own medical conditions tend to be more invested in their treatment. You can maximize your ROI on your patient portal investment by leveraging it to achieve your patient education goals. For every patient login session, you can use our APIs to source ranked content specific to the patient’s medical conditions. You can use our feeds to generate additional revenues for your business.



Health/medical apps, patient newsletters, etc. can increase their levels of user engagement by providing an element of surprise and discovery for their users every time they open the app. By sourcing pertinent and relevant content for the specific user, the user is presented with content that is always fresh, new and changing.


Patent pending, multistage content ranking engine

Our content engine determines an article's authority, popularity, and content quality to pick top content from thousands of patient education articles that get published on the Internet every day for various medical conditions and health topics.

Simple & flexible integration options

We provide a range of simple and flexible integration options in the form of APIs and SDKs for popular programming languages. This enables mobile and web-based health portals, medical apps, patient portals to easily incorporate our content feeds into their products.

Comprehensive & engaging content

Our content engine ranks and categorizes information for medical conditions such as diabetes, allergies, etc. and general health topics such as healthy living, healthy eating, etc. Want top content feeds for a new health/medical topic? No problem, let us know and we'll add it to the platform.

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