What We Do

We make software Lego blocks for the patient/member engagement market that helps healthcare entities increase the overall efficacy of their existing patient/member engagement investments & build out.


Leverages your existing member/patient data to automate & personalize content delivery.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing member facing digital touch points.


HealthFeed is trusted by Leaders


Our solutions enable healthcare entities to convey member specific information, stimulate interest and drive action.

Timely patient engagement interventions

Leverage event-based triggers to intervene with appropriate patient engagement content, notifications, campaigns, etc. in an automated manner.

Multi-channel content delivery

Tap the full potential of portal, app, email & text touchpoints in unique ways for your patient education, engagement & outreach initiatives.

Gather user insights and analytics

Identify high risk user/patient populations and learn more about your users through valuable user insights and analytics that we provide.