Our solution is a simple, easy to deploy and configurable content delivery add-on on member facing digital touch points that delivers member health specific educational content, evidence-based alerts & reminders, campaigns, polls and quizzes. We enable the delivery of contextually specific, personalized and dynamic content experiences for every member portal session in a completely automated manner, thereby enhancing member engagement, education & empowerment.


An overlay layer of member engagement tools and technologies combined with powerful data analytics capabilities.

Simple installation, configuration and monitoring

The individual components that comprise our content delivery solution have been designed for quick setup, intuitive controls and optimized insights gathering.

Health Portal

Install the drop-in widget, SDK, plug-in etc. to deliver personalized content, notifications & campaigns specific to each member's health.

Admin Portal

Set rules for content delivery, create content campaigns, micro-target members using our Admin Portal.


View user input and click data in the form of sophisticated charts, heat maps, graphs, etc.