Our Content Manager module replaces the traditional use case of members searching for health education content with a completely automated algorithmic process that finds and delivers member specific content.

Education Components

Our set of content curation tools enables healthcare entities to educate, engage & learn more about their users.


Algorithms that find the right content for each specific user

Tools that increase the user’s interaction with a piece of content


Mobile delivery formats

Health Portal

Health Portal

Health Portal

Medically validated content

All pieces of content are reviewed by a MD. The library includes over 700 videos and 10,000 pieces of other content such as podcasts, articles, news items, assessments etc.


Meal Planning for People with Diabetes

When you have diabetes, meal planning will help keep your blood sugar in your target range. Meal planning means picking the best foods for you. It also means paying attention to how you cook, what you drink, and when you eat.

Daily engagement reading content

A Ranking algorithm developed by HealthFeed helps siphon best content from the Internet for various medical conditions & health topics